An Awesome Prayer of Blessing

I was in a funk and feeling less than awesome when someone suggested that I write a prayer of blessing to read out loud.  I am happy to report that my attitude has improved since completing this short piece.  By proclaiming it (especially in the morning) I feel empowered, my hope is that you might benefit from reading it also.

You are Lord of all creation and my loving father too.  You pay attention to me because I am important to you.  I pray that I will use your grace as an example of how I should treat others and myself.  I have everything I need and all that I want is within reach.  I am so very grateful for the extreme abundance with which you have blessed me with in this life.    I enjoy giving and I am open to receiving the richest rewards.  It is your will that I should prosper and live out an amazingly blessed existence.

You want me to enjoy the best there is.  I soak in the ultimate acceptance and perpetual joy that living in your presence is now and will be forever.  You have chosen me to walk with you and have provided every tool I will ever need to fulfill my ultimate desire to bless others.  This intense motivation is evidence of how you reach out and touch me, through Christ, every single day.  I am blessed with Faith that no matter what happens, I will always know the comfort of your limitless, unstoppable and perfect Love.

Please let me know if you have had a similar experience or just want to share what’s on your heart.