The Story

Philip Quintas is a singer-songwriter based in Fort Worth, Texas with two releases under his belt and more to come in 2017. 
Decades of experience has seen Quintas evolve from jamming to a confident performer and recording artist. 
A member of the American Christian Songwriters Association, he is a Born Again Christian, and multi-instrumentalist. 
Raised in a music loving family in New York City, Quintas took several years to emerge from someone who jammed classic rock tunes to a confident writer and performer. 
His Christian ethos permeates his blues infused rock, which features Biblical Truths and the angst of living in the 21st Century. 
Out now are: 

Living The Dream album (re-release out now) 
Recorded Singles: 1998-2015 EP 
The professional videographer is currently working on two releases. These are ‘Born Again of The Holy Spirit’ a collection of Classic Christian Folk Rock; and songs he co-wrote in 1986 on with his original mentor, called ‘The Jim Blanchard/Philip Quintas Songbook’. 
His quarter of a century’s experience producing commercial videos and song videos gives Quintas a unique perspective. This gives him an appreciation of the structure needed to craft songs that touch the heart and refresh the soul. 
Quintas work can be found at: 

Philip Quintas Music 
Philip Quintas 
Twitter (@Write_A_NewSong)​