I capture lightning in a jar, mold it into stars and toss them into orbit to brighten up our lives.

Thanks for visiting my site, I’m Philip Quintas, I write songs and sing them because I believe that music can help us connect with ourselves, with Christ and with each other better.

I'm looking for new ways to share the Classic Rock Influenced Jesus Music I write with you and expand the soundtrack of your life.  This is a big part of who I am, and has been since I began to play guitar and write songs in the late 1970's.

You can listen to the best music I have available for download here.  To watch some of the videos I’ve made, visit my public video gallery.  This is a small fraction of what I have to offer.  I'm far from done creating.  In some ways, I'm just getting started and I could use your help because what I do has its greatest value when I'm doing it for you, personally, directly and specifically based on who you are.

From what I understand, the best way I can be of service is by sending you unique material and interacting directly with you one-to-one.  In other words, I'd like to get to know you better and deliver more of a singular experience directly to you.  All I need from you to get started is your first name and email address.

If you like what you see and hear from me, I’d love to make what I do next extra special for you.  My goal is to transform your encouragement (likes, comments, shares, emails and/or purchases), into timeless, classic recordings, magical events and great memories. 

Remember to enter your Email Address and First Name and then click the "Send me FREE stuff, Philip!" button so I can give you more details on how you can get extra benefits in exchange for that awesome kindness.  This is how I can deliver a personalized experience including exclusive, insider access to me and more music, videos and other stuff I'm creating just for you and is not available anywhere else.